What is Coliving?

Coliving is shared housing that creates wonderful communities. 

At Better Coliving, we help 55-and-older people connect to create delightful shared housing experiences in their own homes. What does coliving look like?

Shared common areas

Coliving homes have at least one shared common area like a family room, dining room, or backyard (many homes have multiple shared areas!). Whether you’re watching your favorite show or chatting with your housemates about how their days were, we think you’ll enjoy having space to spend time together.

Shared kitchen space

Coliving homes have a shared kitchen. If you want to cook your own food or prepare a meal with your housemates, you’ll have space to do that.

Private bedrooms

Coliving guests have a private bedroom. For guests, your host may provide a furnished room, or you may bring your own bedroom furniture. 

Private areas for homeowners

Homeowners may want to keep some areas of their home private, such as areas for grandkids to play or for family members to sleep if they come to visit.

Community activities

We believe that regular activities like a monthly dinner help everyone in the house have a great living experience. We encourage you to plan get-togethers with your housemates.