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Anyone can find local rentals, but Better Coliving helps you find local 55+ housemates. List your home for rent or find local rooms for rent for free with zero obligation.

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How It Works

Better Coliving is a service that makes it easy for you to share a home with others in a similar life stage, reduce living costs and enjoy coliving.


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How It Works


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How It Works

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As a homeowner, we’ll help you find wonderful guests to co-live with while staying in your own home.

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As a housemate, browse our listings to find the right place to co-live, whether that’s in your neighborhood or a new one.

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Build a family-like community in your neighborhood

No need to move into an apartment or retirement facility that doesn’t feel like home.

Generate additional income

If you’re a homeowner with space to share and would like to generate additional income, this is a great way to use one of your biggest assets and let it work for you.

Find more affordable housing that feels like home

If you’re looking for housing and living in an apartment alone or  in an expensive senior community isn’t what you’re looking for, you can find a lovely home in a great neighborhood with Better Coliving.

Share costs

Whether it’s a gardener, a cleaner, or in-home care, these expenses add up. Sharing costs across your coliving household makes it all more affordable.